Soups & Salads:


Chef's Soup of the Day 4.00 / 6.00





Asian Sesame Calamari

-Deep fried calamari tossed in a asian sesame sauce served with ranch dressing



Guinness Melt Sliders

-(3) Buttered slider rolls topped with Thuman's turkey, bacon, tomato and our homemade guinness cheese sauce






Avocado Shrimp

-Fresh shrimp sauteed with lemon and cilantro served over romaine lettuce with tomatoes, red onions and your choice of dressing



Sliced Turkey & Greens

-Mixed greens topped with tomatoes, chopped bacon, cheddar cheese, thinly sliced Thuman's turkey and ranch dressing






Crispy Garlic Chicken

-Breaded chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and a homemade garlic mayo served on a brioche bun. Served with fries and pickles



Sloppy Patrick

-Thumans corned beef, Swiss and coleslaw on a toasted hoagie roll. Served with fries and pickles



Buffalo Chicken Tacos

-(3) flour tortillas stuffed with our buffalo chicken dip, shredded lettuce and ranch dressing. Served with chips.







Baked Penne & Sausage

-Penne pasta topped with marinara, sliced sausage and melted mozzarella cheese



Salmon and Pesto Linguini

-Fresh Atlantic salmon sautéed and served over a pesto linguini



Short Rib Mac N Cheese

-Homemade macaroni and cheese mixed with sliced, braised short rib and tomatoes








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